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Capt. Deric Dunn currently serves as the Commander of the Carroll Composite Squadron.  He assumed command on 12 February 2019.

Capt. Dunn began his Civil Air Patrol career in 2015 and was appointed as a CAP Chaplain a few months later. 

In 2017, Capt. Dunn was asked to assume the position of Deputy Commander for Seniors by the then Commander, Capt. Carol Scanlan, causing him to temporarily defer his Chaplaincy status. Capt.  Dunn served in this capacity for the length of Capt. Scanlan's command. During this time Capt. Dunn was a part of a squadron team to deployed to Wilmington, North Carolina to provide support for Hurricane Florence recovery where he was temporarily re-activated by the Chief of Chaplains to provide Chaplaincy support for the area.

Capt. Dunn, is a qualified CAP Transport Mission Pilot and has earned several ES Qualifications, including Mission Chaplain, Ground Team Leader, Urban Direction Finder, Mission Observer, Mission Scanner, and Flight Line Marshaller.

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