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Step 2: Using the SQTR

To earn a qualification it is important for you to understand how qualifications are verified in eServices. To do this please login to eServices and navigate through the following menu items.

  1. Menu
  2. Operations 
  3. Operation Qualifications

You will commonly hear this section of the eServices website referred to as "Ops Quals". And you can see by clicking on the "OPS Quals" Menu in the top left corner that there is a lot of options here. 

Task 1: Understanding the SQTR

We are going to focus on one area, which is the Specialty Qualifications Training Records (SQTR). In the center of that page you can see a link to the SQTR Instructions. Please read through these instructions now as this will be important for you to understand going forward.

After you have read the SQTR Instructions lets look at your personal SQTR Worksheet for GTM3. 

Navigate through the following starting in the top left corner:

  1. Ops Quals
  2. Under the Emergency Services Heading click SQTR Entry/Worksheet.
  3. Enter your CAP ID in the box provided
  4. Press Enter

You should see your CAP ID and Name in the top left corner of the page with two drop down boxes under it.

Keep Functional Area set to "OPS-Emergency_Services". and open the dropdown box titled Achievement. Most of the qualifications you can earn are listed here.  WOW! there are a lot of them, and yes you can earn any or all of them, however some require special equipment that may not be available in your Wing.

Task 2: Submitting a Task for Validation/Approval

For this exercise choose the qualification called "UDF - Urban Direction Finding Team"

If you completed the previous steps in this tutorial you should see that GES is green. It looks like we need your commanders approval to move onto Fam and Prep so lets get that approval now.

Complete the following steps in the "UDF - Commander Approval for Prerequisites" box:

  1. Check the box in the upper left corner 
  2. click the input box labeled "Date"
  3. A calendar will be presented, click todays date.
  4. Leave "Mission ID" and "Certificate ID" blank.
  5. At bottom of the page click "Submit".

Your request for approval is on its way. And now that box is yellow indicating that it is pending approval.

Once you have successfully completed a tasks you will follow these same procedures to have them verified.

Sometimes you will need to enter an Evaluator ID.  This is the Skills Evaluator who witnessed, or has sufficient evidence of, you completing a task.  Make sure that you get this ID for any skills evaluator you are working with. It is your responsibility to enter in the items you complete and submit it to the Skills Evaluator.  This is done the same way you submitted the approval task to your commander.

When you complete tasks on missions it is important to also get the Mission ID and the Sortie Number you completed it under.

Wait! A Sortie?  What's That? A sortie is an assignment a team gets to complete an objective, or part of an objective, assigned by a member of the Incident Command Team.

Congratulations! you now know how to use the SQTR.

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