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Step 3: Uploading Certificates

Periodically you will obtain a certificate from an external source and would like credit to meet a qualification requirement.  We will walk through a training now that you will use if responding to Natural Disasters or other situations where Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) may need to distribute Food, Water, and Shelter to affected citizens. This is rewarding work and having the Point of Distribution (PoD) before you are asked to respond to a emergency will prevent a rush to get it before being deployed.


Task 1: Complete the FEMA PoD training

This training will familiarize you with FEMA Point of Delivery Operations.

To do complete this:

  1. Register with FEMA to obtain a student ID (SID).  (This is required to receive credit for courses.)
  2. Complete the FEMA: IS-26: Guide to Points of Distribution Course
  3. Save your Certificate to upload to eServices in the next step.

Task 2: Upload your certificate to Op Quals

  1. Enter OPS Quals in eServices.
  2. Open your SQTR
  3. Select "PODC - Point of Distribution Course" under the Achievements
  4. Right under your name and CAP ID in the top left select "View/Upload Documents"
  5. Click on the "Emergency Services" tab at the top of the opened form
  6. Under "What would you like to update?" select Other.
  7. Choose your file which contains your Certificate from Task 1
  8. Click on Upload ES File, to complete.

Task 3: Submit your SQTR for validation

  1. Select the check box, in the left corner of the task box.
  2. Enter the date your completed the FEMA PoD training.
  3. Click Submit at the bottom of the page.
  4. Verify the Task box is now Yellow or Green.

You will upload many files throughout your CAP career.  A similar process is used for First/Aid, other FEMA courses, and Pilot qualifications. Many certificates expire and you will need to upload current certificates in their place.

Congratulations! you have completed an external training and uploaded the results.

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