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Step 4: Initial Qualification

If you have not completed Step 1 or Step 2 please return and complete them before moving on.

Most qualifications require that prospective students complete a Familiarization and Preparation stage prior to beginning the core skill training. This is commonly referred to as Fam and Prep within CAP. This stage provides the student with base information needed to be safe while executing skills. For example, in Fam and Prep for GTM3 we learn how to identify dangerous plants and wildlife that may be present during a mission.  Fam and Prep is important to keeping you safe and making you aware of vital information to be aware of outside of the core tasking.

Now is the time to choose your initial ES qualification. It should be noted that ES Qualification are separate and unique from Duty Positions.  A Duty Position has day to day responsibilities that you fulfil as your CAP profession in your unit.  ES Qualifications, on the other hand, are used when needed to fulfil missions as part of the Air Force Total Force or for state and local entities.

Step 2 - Choose your initial Qualification and click on its link below

  • Ground Team Member 3 (GTM3) 
    • GTM3 is the starting point for in field operations.  It will provide you a foundation to build upon to increase your in-field response capabilities.  These missions include but is not limited to Search and Rescue operations, Crash site Surveillance, and operations beyond proximity to a roadway and the CAP vehicle.  This qualification is recommended for all able-bodied CAP members capable of meeting the physical requirements of in-field missions.
  • Urban Direction Finder (UDF) 
    • UDF teams are small groups of two or more that respond to mission tasking that can be accomplished without in-field deployments. These missions include but is not limited to Airport Ramp Checks, ELT searches near roadways, etc.  This qualification is recommended for all CAP members capable of meeting the physical requirements of in-vehicle/near-vehicle missions but will include walking.
  • Mission Staff Assistant (MSA) 
    • MSA’s work within the Incident Command to assist where needed.  It is usually an administrative position but may include any needs required by the Incident Commander or IC Staff. There are no restrictions to who can work toward the MSA qualifications.

There are many different qualifications other than the three above, if you wish to work on other qualifications your may, however the three above are recommended as starter qualifications. There are very few restrictions on what qualifications are available to members and you are encouraged to qualify in as many qualifications that you are interested in.

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