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GTM3 Fam and Prep

Congratulations for choosing to work toward your Ground Team Member 3 (GTM3) Qualification.

You have made it to tasks that are directly related to your chosen qualification.  

The Ground & Urban Direction Finding Team Tasks book will be important to your success and you should keep it handy.  The book is available in printed form and can be purchased from Vanguard or or Squadron may have one available for your use. You will use it throughout this task and every task associated with ground work.

Task 1: Complete the GTM3 Fam and Prep workbook

  1. Download a copy of the GTM3 Fam and Prep Worksheet 
  2. Use the Ground & Urban Direction Finding Team Tasks to complete each section of the worksheet.
  3. Contact your ES Officer to have a Skills Evaluator assigned.
  4. Upload your worksheet to you SQTR under GTM3 - Ground Team Member Level 3 (see Step 3 for instructions)
  5. In the SQTR mark the following requirements as complete using the skills evaluator ID as assigned above. (see Step 2 for instructions)
    1. Task O-0002 (Conduct individual refit)
    2. Task O-0003 (Prevent and treat hot weather injuries)
    3. Task O-0004 (Prevent and treat cold weather injuries)
    4. Task O-0101 (Identify natural hazards)
    5. Task O-0102 (Prevent and treat fatigue)
    6. Task O-0103 (Conduct field sanitation and hygiene)
    7. Task O-0601 (Conduct actions if lost)
    8. Task O-0902 (Exercise universal precautions)
    9. Task P-0102 (Conduct a phone alert)
    10. Task O-0407 (Conduct attraction techniques)
    11. Task O-0408 (Identify aircraft search clues)
    12. Task O-0409 (Identify missing person search clues)
  6. Submit the SQTR

Task 2: Put together your 24 hour pack

  1. Review Task O-0001 Prepare Ground Team Individual Equipment
  2. Put together a Ground Team 24 hour pack. For trainee you only need to have the items marked with a (T) but it is good to try to have a complete kit.  It is required to complete GTM3.
    1. Most of the times are available in your home and should not require a special purchase.
    2. A special pack is not required but it should be a backpack or vest that can hold all of the items.  An old school book bag will work.
    3. Be creative, most team members use a CD as a signal mirror, there is no need to purchase one for that specific purpose.
    4. A good compass is important.  We recommend a flat orienteering compass with a transparent base as we will be using it with maps.
    5. Water and Food will be pack just prior to deployment but you will need to show the skills evaluator that you have space to accommodate it.
  3. Schedule a time with the skills evaluator to review your pack.
  4. In the SQTR mark the following requirements as complete using the skills evaluator ID that checked your 24 hour pack.
    1. Task O-0001 (Prepare Ground Team Individual Equipment)
  5. Submit the SQTR

Congratulations you have now completed the GTM3 Fam and Prep requirements and can now be deployed as a GTM3 in the field.  This is a great accomplishment and we look forward to your coming with us on our next SAREX

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