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How to become a MD Wing CAP Pilot

How to become a CAP pilot – Maryland WING

Below is a step-by-step list of instructions explaining how to become a pilot in Civil Air Patrol.

  1. Obtain your CAP ID card and your CAP uniform
  2. As a basic qualification, you must be an FAA licensed Private Pilot or above, hold a current class 3 medical certificate and be current to carry passengers. You may also fly with Basic Med.
  3. Your logbook must contain a current flight review, in accordance with FAR 61.56.
  4. Download the CAPR 70-1 from the national web site.
  5. Study the 70-1.
  6. Take and pass the online test labeled "CAPR 70-1 Form 5 Annual Examination - Powered".
  7. Print out your results.
  8. On the National website, download and print the “Statement of Understanding” and “Aircraft Questionnaire ."
  9. Complete the Statement of Understanding and Aircraft Questionnaire.
  10. On the National website, download and print the Form 5 check ride form .
  11. Go to the Stan/Eval page and print a copy of the list of Maryland Wing check pilots. Select a check pilot, call and schedule your check ride.
  12. Ask your check pilot to schedule the aircraft and obtain a flight release.
  13. Report to the check ride in a CAP uniform and have, your FAA certificate and medical, logbook, completed Aircraft Questionnaire, completed Statement of Understanding, CAP ID card, and have the top portion of the form 5 filled out.
  14. Pass the oral exam and the check ride.
  15. Have your squadron Operations officer sign your completed CAP Form 5.
  16. Go back to the Stan/Eval page and printout the “Form 5 Submission Checklist”
  17. Assemble the documents listed on the Submission Checklist and make three copies.
  18. Using the Submission Checklist as a cover sheet, mail the original documents to our Wing Stan/Eval Officer, Maj. Pete Loewenheim, by regular mail, to his home address. Check the wing directory for address. Give the second copy of this packet to your squadron commander for squadron files and retain the third copy for your personal file
  19. Go to the CAP National website, "E Services" and enter your aircraft questionnaire and check ride information into "Ops Quals"
  20. Begin training for Transport Pilot, Cadet Orientation Pilot, and Mission Pilot.
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